Darry Beckwith Jr.


No degree…an $80 per week job…no set path for what to do in life- it is at this very depressing, yet defining moment, when your mind starts to tell you that you are a “joke” of a man; all the hard work you put into reaching your dream career and for what? Nothing! Now it is all gone, and you are officially staring face to face with what you feared the most – ROCK BOTTOM!

There I was, Darry Beckwith Jr., once considered a top linebacker prospect out of LSU and a sure-fire draft pick, now having to add Rock Bottom Occupant to my list of experiences. Favorably, it was at that moment that I quickly realized my purpose in life meant a great deal more than all the tackles I had ever garnered on the field. I could not let my life’s work equate to nothing. There I was, LSU’s #48, determined not to crumble from the pressure. I went back to LSU, finished my degree, and I allowed those moments of uncertainty to help motivate and challenge student-athletes. The Darry Beckwith Foundation was established in 2015 to break shortsighted mentalities and create winning attitudes in every student-athlete, so they are able to see that success is just not connected to sports.


The Darry Beckwith Foundation (DBF) targets high school student-athletes with an emphasis on educational development, career readiness, community awareness, life-skills training, and athletic performance. We are unique in the manner for which we cover all areas of what a student-athlete needs to become successful. We have developed a three-prong process:

  • Internship opportunities in a desired field of interest
  • Training to increase overall athletic ability which is hosted by Traction Sports Performance, one of the fastest growing training facilities in the country.
  • Tutoring sessions to assist with achieving better grades and higher ACT composite scores

DBF provides services to cultivate each participant’s level of problem solving, in-depth critical thinking, and scholastic self-discipline. We believe in creating an environment where the participants are regularly exposed to pioneering, “outside-of the-box” challenges that unite academic, physical, social, and humanitarian intuitiveness, in order to develop each participant into a well-rounded individual.


In a world where the word is best celebrated in its reverse state, athlete-student. We, the Darry Beckwith Foundation, are here to place the word back in its rightful order and set a standard on what being a STUDENT-ATHLETE really means. Athletics is and can never be anything more than something that a person does. Here at DBF, we want to create a culture where every student- athlete is able to identify themselves as an individual who knows that their life’s success is not hinged on athletic prowess, but rather thrives on reaching their life’s maximum potential.